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Combining automated workflows with lane management to help brokers reduce risk, grow revenue, and maximize productivity.

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Expansion of In-Network Carrier Lanes
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More Carrier Options Driving Faster Bookings

Empowering Logistics Professionals
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At Cargo Chief, our mission is to provide freight brokerages a suite of solutions to fuel efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

C4 Carrier Network

Data-backed Capacity Expansion

Go beyond your historical data with Cargo Chief’s robust truckload capacity network and real-time pricing engine.

When you book freight with your network carriers in C4, we seamlessly aggregate the data for you. This expands your carrier profiles and lane coverage, empowering you to cultivate stronger relationships and enhance carrier reuse.


Supercharge Carrier Engagement

Say goodbye to inefficiencies and delays as we seamlessly connect shippers with carriers, transforming the way goods move from origin to destination.

C4’s Digital Freight Matching solution integrates with your TMS to automate carrier outreach and make it easier to expedite the booking process without disrupting your workflow.

Maximize Profits

Unlock your untapped growth potential

Turn your data into actionable opportunities with C4 Scorecards. Gain visibility into your ratios on a load, carrier, and customer level, to guide strategic decions and maximize margins.

TMS Integrations

Elevate your tech stack experience

Connect Cargo Chief seamlessly into your TMS, compliance, bidding bots, and rating engine partners.

Customer Succes Stories

How 3PLs are driving growth with C4

Learn how HTS Logistics reduced the cost of booking freight by 90% with C4's Digital Carrier Engagement

Watch how VP Logistics found a better solution to expand their network than the old-school way of calling and praying carriers.

Learn how 48 Barriers Saves “4-6 Hours a Day” Booking Freight with C4

Learn how Simple implemented C4 through their McLeod DFM integration, where they are experiencing around 15% more engagement and options on loads.

Find out how the C4 platform empowers the Concept Logistics team to streamline carrier sourcing, lane management, and retention with ease.

7-Minute Overview

Cargo Chief C4 in action!


Cargo Chief News

Case Studies

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Cargo Chief’s C4 Procurement & Automation platform enhances the efficiency of the booking workflow for 3PLs, significantly reducing the time it takes to cover a load while driving more business to in-network carriers. Connect with a Cargo Chief team member today and see a demo!