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At Cargo Chief, our mission is to provide you with the quickest path to carrier options.

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Discover the Cargo Chief difference – where innovation meets efficiency, and relationships drive success.

Strategic Carrier Outreach

We understand that in the logistics industry, relationships matter. Cargo Chief helps you transition from transactional to relationship-based carriers.

By taking control of your carrier outreach, we leverage your network and prioritize preferred, vetted carriers. This strategic approach not only enhances collaboration but also increases carrier reuse, fostering stronger relationships and improving margins.

Automate Redundancy

Cargo Chief recognizes the importance of striking the right balance between human interaction and technology. Our platform empowers your team to focus on their strengths while automating redundant tasks.

By letting technology handle repetitive processes, your team can allocate their time more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and improved overall performance.

Data Informed Implementation

At Cargo Chief, we believe in the power of data. During the onboarding process, our dedicated Customer Success team conducts a comprehensive Data Quality Review of your lane and carrier data.

This review goes beyond surface-level analysis, identifying trends and extracting valuable insights. We delve into load-to-carrier ratios, gross margins, and engagement statistics, ensuring that your decisions are not just intuitive but also backed by data-driven intelligence.

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Why Freight Brokers Love C4

“With Cargo Chief, we are experiencing more loads booked at a faster rate each week, freeing up our team to work everything else logistics requires.”
Cargo Chief + Simple Logistics
Adam Schaefer
Adam Schaefer, VP of Operations at Simple Logistics
“We knew there had to be a better solution than the old-school way of calling and praying that the carrier you called that day would be available for your freight. That’s where we found Cargo Chief.”
Cargo Chief + VP Logistics
John Ryan
John Ryan, Finance & Accounting Manager at VP Logistics

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Cargo Chief help build out my carrier network?

With Cargo Chief, expanding your carrier network becomes effortless. By aggregating lane information from your carrier list, we create comprehensive carrier profiles, significantly broadening your carrier footprint.

Easily identify and partner with well-matched carriers for new or existing business with our Projects feature. With the click of a button, you can automatically reach our powerful network to build connections that would be challenging to achieve independently.

Cargo Chief’s Pricing and Capacity data are derived from a robust combination of sources. These include real transactions from our users, integration with trusted TMS partners, and daily uploads, providing us with complete visibility into loads being booked.

By integrating Cargo Chief’s real-time data with your existing information, your team gains the confidence to make well-informed decisions, uncover valuable insights, and maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic industry.

Within your first week, you’ll have a Kickoff Call with our team, where we take the time to get to know your business intimately. We dive into your freight mix, your goals, and your team setup. This conversation allows us to tailor your C4 experience to your unique requirements. During this call, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will provide insights into the next 4-6 weeks, offering guidance on how to seamlessly integrate C4 into your daily operations. We also collaborate closely with your TMS partner to ensure a cohesive workflow.

Cargo Chief seamlessly integrates with McLeod Software, Turvo, Tai TMS, Logistically, 3PL Systems, OmnisTMS, FMS, MercuryGate, and ShipPrimus.

We also integrate with MyCarrierPortal (MCP), TABi Connect powered by Hubtek, and most recently

This extensive network of integrations ensures that you can easily connect and leverage our solutions to streamline your logistics operations efficiently.

If your TMS is not listed, let us know so we can work towards getting it added!

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Cargo Chief’s C4 Procurement & Automation platform enhances the efficiency of the booking workflow for 3PLs, significantly reducing the time it takes to cover a load while driving more business to in-network carriers. Connect with a Cargo Chief team member today and see a demo!