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Founded in 2017, Cargo Chief stands as a trailblazer in redefining the freight brokerage landscape, with a specific focus on serving Small and Mid-Market businesses.

Our deep understanding of carrier preferences enables us to streamline the broker-carrier connection process seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Fueled by AI, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms, our robust data ecosystem transforms raw data into actionable intelligence. This empowers brokers with unprecedented insights for real-time decision-making.

Over the years, Cargo Chief has pioneered industry-first solutions, including real-time pricing and Digital Freight Matching. These innovations address market gaps, enhance transparency, and prioritize trusted carriers within your network, elevating reliability in the freight matching process.

At Cargo Chief, we’re more than service providers; we’re industry pioneers committed to transforming the freight brokerage experience. Join us in reshaping the future of freight logistics.


Our Badges of Trust

We’re proud to showcase our G2 badges, a reflection of the exceptional experiences our customers have had. These badges signify our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, customer satisfaction, and top-rated solutions.

Meet the Team

Kirk Franzen

Co-Founder, CEO

Chris Arredondo

Co-Founder, VP of Customer Success

Marisa Gonzalez

Customer Success Manager

Daisy Bautista

Customer Success Specialist

Sharmaine Gallego

Customer Success Specialist

Brian Justice

Software Engineer

Imran Panjwani

Full Stack Developer Consultant

Manish Yadav

Software Engineer

Board Members & Advisors

Russell Jones

President & Chairman

David Brown

Board Member, VC

Rob Estes

Board Member & Investor

Michael Bykhovsky

Co-Founder, Algorithm Specialist

John Terry

Advisor, Co-Founder of Landstar & Ceva

Ben Levy

Advisor, Co-Founder of BootstrapLabs

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Automate Your Booking Process

Cargo Chief’s C4 Procurement & Automation platform enhances the efficiency of the booking workflow for 3PLs, significantly reducing the time it takes to cover a load while driving more business to in-network carriers. Connect with a Cargo Chief team member today and see a demo!