A capacity finder, accurate pricing tool and projects manager all-in-one.

Accurate Lane Pricing

Drive revenue and boost profits with finalized lane transaction data

  • Accurate data based on what other people actually paid, not quotes or purposed prices
  • LaneMaster data from over 500,000 carriers to give you true pricing
  • Real-time transactions so you have the most up-to-date pricing
  • Secure, private, and anonymous data so you can find rates with peace of mind

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Real-Time Pricing Data

Quote and bid with confidence using up to the minute transaction information

  • View bid prices on live transactions as loads are booked
    • See a live feed of transactions when a lane is booked
  • Boost margins and profits
    • Powerful pricing data allows you to lock in the best rates for better margins and profits

Insights to Boost Revenue

Easily find new carrier opportunities and prioritize what matters to you

  • Find new revenue
    • Add your load list and bids for visibility across your carrier partners and sales team to identify opportunities that are live, awarded, and new
  • Prioritize loads
    • Use our deep insights to see how likely a load is to be won, ranked by characteristics that matter to you

Capacity Matches

Quickly see the best options based on lane details, haul direction, and frequency with C4 Capacity

  •  Move carrier relationships to the next level
    • Use AI to find the best options for your project based on carrier capabilities and preferences
  • Find the right carrier in less time
    • View the carriers in your network that are ready to go without wasting time in TMS
  • Streamlined operations
    • All your communications, rates, tasks, and notes in one place with team visibility

Find New Carrier Partners

Turn carrier calls into partnerships by easily tracking and managing call-ins and existing relationships

  • Expand the core carrier network
    • Capture conversations and assigned carriers to turn one-time calls into regular carriers
  • Simplified management
    • Add call-ins to your core carrier list

Reduce Carrier Coordination Time

Save time with automated follow-ups

  •  Stay engaged
    • Automatically get rates from your core carriers on slated projects
  • Keep ahead of capacity
    • Know where your carriers are positioned to stay ahead of capacity

Boost Profits with AI-powered Matched Freight

Know which carriers are available for the next load

The Cargo Chief Carrier Capacity (C4) network provides the powerful data freight brokers need to quickly identify the right carrier at the right time. With data from over 500,000 carriers, C4 instantly displays the best network and carrier to book.

  • Advanced algorithm to save hours every day
  • Real-time data based on the 10+ most important data points
  • Filter capability to only view your carrier network
  • Optimized search functions to find new carrier partners that meet your needs
  • Integrates with your TMS

Improve Margins Using C4 to Identify the Best Carrier

Schedule a free demo to learn how Cargo Chief freight broker software can drive revenue and boost profits for you!

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