Seamlessly Integrate C4 In Your TMS

Cargo Chief + McLeod Software Integration

Access 600,000+ Carriers and Lanes

Instantly expand your network and quickly see the best options based on carrier availability and preferences.

Win More Business with Real-Time Lane Pricing

Enrich your quoting and RFP process with real-time rates as loads are booked for true accuracy.

Automate Carrier Offers to Book Freight Faster

Streamline carrier engagement and gain more options leveraging C4 Digital Freight Matching.

Do more with what you have, all in your TMS

Elevate Your McLeod PowerBroker Experience

Cargo Chief’s Digital Freight Matching inside McLeod PowerBroker helps freight brokers expand their carrier network, gain insights into real-time market rates, and automate load bookings.

Enriched Profiling

Go beyond your own network to expand your carrier footprint to drive carrier reuse and improve customer service.

Book at higher profit

C4 offers a transparent view of real-time lane transactions empowering more informed and competitive decision-making.

Easily procure & manage

Discover untapped preferred lanes with your carrier network to capitalize on new opportunities while enhancing existing partnerships.

Efficient Carrier Outreach

Automate carrier communications to seamlessly populate options directly into your TMS and inbox, accelerating freight booking.

Cargo Chief + McLeod Software PowerBroker Integration Partner

The Power of Integration

Enriched Profiling

Rapid carrier profiling for a streamlined procurement strategy, without all the legwork

Optimize Max Buys

Save time setting max buys for load offers using automated calculations to improve profitability

Multi-Modal Support

Diversify your carrier mix by putting more options on the table through any mode

Book Now Capability

Pre-book more freight by positioning your key carriers to book loads directly with your TMS


Real Stats,
Real Impact

4X Capacity Expansion

50% More Carrier Engagement

300% More Carrier Options

20+ Hours Saved Per Week

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build out your carrier network?

With Cargo Chief, expanding your carrier network becomes effortless. By aggregating lane information from your carrier list, we create comprehensive carrier profiles, significantly broadening your carrier footprint.

Easily identify and partner with well-matched carriers for new or existing business with our Projects feature. With the click of a button, you can automatically reach our powerful network to build connections that would be challenging to achieve independently.

From day 1, your team will have access to C4’s Capacity and Pricing engine. It will take about 6 weeks to complete the integration with McLeod. During that time, we will finalize the initial data configuration, activate webhook connection, ensure load data flow is present, and customize DFM settings. 

Within your first week, you’ll have a Kickoff Call with your dedicated Customer Success Manager, where we take the time to get to know your business intimately. We dive into your freight mix, goals, and team setup. This conversation allows us to tailor your C4 experience to your unique requirements. During this call, your CSM will provide insights into the next 4-6 weeks, offering guidance on seamlessly integrating C4 into your daily operations. We also collaborate closely with McLeod Software to ensure a cohesive workflow.

Cargo Chief achieves a two-fold approach: First, we synchronize qualification criteria among relevant and consistent carriers, ensuring a secure network.

Second, we actively promote carrier reuse, enabling you to conduct more business with reliable partners. By adopting this approach, we safeguard your operations against fraud while optimizing your carrier relationships for increased efficiency and trust.

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Automate Your Booking Process

Cargo Chief’s C4 Procurement & Automation platform enhances the efficiency of the booking workflow for 3PLs, significantly reducing the time it takes to cover a load while driving more business to in-network carriers. Connect with a Cargo Chief team member today and see a demo!