Hosted by Cargo Chief Co-Founder and VP, Chris Arredondo

Episode 3: Digital Freight Matching

Digital freight matching isn’t just about matching carriers to book a load. Chris Arredondo is joined by Matt Wright with Logistically to chat about how the industry is advancing with automation and machine learning, why DFM is not for every brokerage, and what DFM looks like from a TMS perspective.

Episode 2: Load Boards vs Procurement

From load boards to capacity management tools to procurement – Chris Arredondo is joined by Jeremy Thone, Director of Marketing at 3PL Systems, to talk about the evolution of sourcing capacity. During this episode, you’ll learn why load boards are insufficient, the importance of prioritizing carrier relationships, and how integrations are helping brokerages improve scalability and streamline processes.

Episode 1: Rating Challenges

Welcome to our very first episode of Get Freight To It! Join your host, Chris Arredondo, Co-Founder and VP of Cargo Chief, and featured guest, Sean McGillicuddy, VP of Sales & Marketing at Tai Software as they weigh in on the ever-changing rating challenges of the supply chain. They’ll share insights into what freight brokers are experiencing, why finding data you trust is so important, and how to stay competitive in the market.