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EP 21: The Power of Sales, marketing, and Branding in Logistics with Jennifer Karpus-Romain at TMSA

In this episode, host Chris Arredondo welcomes Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Executive Director of TMSA, the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association, as they get freight to it about the fascinating world of sales and marketing and explore its evolution in the logistics industry over the years. Together, they delve into the pivotal role of branding and why it holds immense significance in this competitive landscape. Plus, learn more about TMSA’s upcoming ELEVATE Conference, designed specifically for sales and marketing professionals in logistics.

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EP 20: Navigating Double Brokering with Jay Pelkey at Assure Assist

In this episode, host Chris Arredondo takes a deep dive into the world of double brokering alongside special guest Jay Pelkey, President & CEO of Assure Assist. Together, they unveil the real issues plaguing the industry and shed light on the impact of double brokering.

But that’s not all – Jay Pelkey reveals exciting news about MyCarrierPackets and their proactive approach to addressing these challenges with new upcoming feature releases. You don’t miss this episode!

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EP 19: Revolutionizing Data Management in Logistics with Walter Mitchell with Tai Software

Gone are the days when using spreadsheets was the only way to store and track data. In this episode, host Chris Arredondo is joined by Walter “Mitch” Mitchell, CEO of Tai Software, to shed light on the significance of digitizing data in the transportation industry. With a focus on boosting speed and facilitating quick decision-making, they delve into the limitations of spreadsheets, the challenges of selecting the right tools to reduce friction in business operations, and how automation and digital freight matching can be leveraged to maximize benefits. Tune in as they explore the cutting-edge solutions that are revolutionizing the way the transportation industry works.

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Episode 18: Achieving More with Your Technology Partnerships with Keri Hodnett at McLeod Software

In this episode of “Get Freight To It,” host Chris Arredondo and special guest Keri Hodnett, Product Manager at McLeod Software, explore best practices for requesting features from your technology partners, share unique tactics for navigating product adoption, and provide valuable insights on how to build stronger relationships with your partners for greater success. We’re getting freight to it on how to achieve more with your technology partnerships!

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Episode 17: Attract, Retain, and Differentiate with Charlie Saffro at CS Recruiting

Whether you’re hiring or looking, the current job market may be leaving you feeling some uncertainty. You’re not alone! In this episode, host Chris Arredondo is joined by Charlie Saffro, Founder & President of CS Recruiting to discuss the unpredictability of today’s hiring market. We’re getting freight to it about how companies can effectively attract and retain top talent and highlighting the importance of empathy in brokerage and its impact on the industry.

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Episode 16: Building a Brokerage From The Ground Up with Greg Sanders at RDS Capacity Solutions

Are you passionate about brokering? In this episode, Chris is joined by Greg Sanders, the Chairman and CEO of RDS Capacity Solutions to share his journey of establishing a successful non-asset brokerage from scratch. We’re getting freight to it on how Greg seized the opportunity to expand RDS, the major obstacles he encountered, the business model he adopted to foster their culture, and his recommendations for those who aspire to start their own brokerage.

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Episode 15: Procurement & Human Interaction in Freight Brokerage with Greg Finnerty at Concept Logistics

Freight brokers require two essential components to succeed: more freight and more carriers. However, the challenge lies in determining how and where to obtain them.

In this episode, Chris invites Greg Finnerty from Concept Logistics to explore how freight procurement and automation can help brokers expand their business without losing human interaction. We’re getting freight to it about the complexities of managing a carrier network, how technology and data can streamline the process, and sharing insights on gaining team buy-in for implementing new strategies.

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Episode 14: The Evolution of Automation in 2023 with Cameron Robertson at 3PL Systems

The freight industry is evolving in front of our eyes. The traditional way of booking freight is no longer scalable, meaning process automation and workflow automation are critical for future growth.

In this episode, host Chris Arredondo is joined by the CEO of 3PL Systems, Cameron Robertson, to discuss the evolution of automation. You’ll hear from these two freight tech gurus about how the expectations for build vs. buy have changed over the years, their feature release success and failure stories, how to successfully adopt new technology, and of course, the future of automation in the industry. Let’s get freight to it!

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Episode 13: Don’t Be Afraid of the F Word with Steve Kohan at ComFreight

Freight factoring can be a somewhat nebulous concept for freight brokers. And (sometimes) factoring unfairly gets a bad rap because of how some factoring companies do business. But not all factoring companies are the same.

Don’t fear the F word; educate yourself! In this episode, host Chris Arredondo is joined by Steve Kochan, CEO of ComFreight, to explain the ins and outs of factoring and how their services differentiate in the market. Let’s get freight to it on how you can supercharge your brokerage with factoring!

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Episode 12: Rare Advice for Real Sales with Michael Neme

For years, there’s been a huge talent gap and a lack of training in sales within the logistics industry. In this episode, Michael Neme with Midwest Consulting joins host Chris Arredondo to discuss the inconsistencies that create some of the biggest sales challenges and how to target the right customer to gain more profitable opportunities. Listen in as we #GetFreightToIt!

Episode 11: Switching Your TMS

There are a fair bit of TMS options these days, and many brokerages are in the season of switching their TMS. In this episode, Jeff Hanson, EVP of Sales at Omnis TMS, joins host Chris Arredondo to discuss the common themes of why 3PLs are moving away from their legendary TMS and what key differentiators to look for when partnering with a new TMS provider. Let’s #GetFreightToIt!

Episode 10: The Shift of Drayage

What happens with drayage inevitably impacts the entire freight market. We’ve had customers come to us asking for drayage solutions regarding capacity, pricing, and lane management, so we invited one of our first customers, Michael Mecca, COO of PJT Logistics, to join in on the conversation.
In this episode, Michael shares the changes he’s seen in drayage, how freight brokers and warehouses are being impacted by the drayage shift, and lending some advice to brokers who want to get into drayage right now.

Episode 9: Gaining Market Share with Jim Caine

You may have the coverage, but as the market shifts, how are you growing your business and earning more freight? In this episode, we’re joined by Jim Caine of Simple Logistics to discuss how to be proactive with your carrier network to build strong business relationships and gain market share, so you’re ready for the next new normal. It’s time to face those uncomfortable, risky situations and start booking more freight. Let’s GFTI!

Episode 8: Navigating Logistics with Anne Reinke at TIA

We’re fortunate to have Transportation Intermediaries Associations’ President & CEO, Anne Reinke, on this episode to discuss how TIA is helping brokerages and 3PLs of all sizes (startups to enterprises) gain more education, promote advocacy, expand their network, and navigate in the world of logistics. To learn more about TIA, visit

Episode 7: Marketing 101 for Freight Brokers with Lindsay Walsh

Marketing is not just a website and social media posts. In this episode, you’ll hear from marketing expert Lindsay Walsh at Tai Software as we discuss tactics freight brokers can implement today to improve sales conversions, build trust & credibility with reviews, and grow their brokerage with intent marketing. Let’s GFTI!

Episode 6: Expert Tips for Freight Brokerages with CJ Sargent & Bethany Morrill

In this episode, you’ll hear from three former freight brokers (now Cargo Chief employees) about what challenges their broker friends are facing today, best practices to solve issues with rates and capacity, and tips on how to scale through technology and culture. Let’s GFTI!

Episode 5: Digital Adoption with Hubtek

In this episode, we’re talking with Scott Hadley, VP of Business Strategy at Hubtek, about the friction we see with digital adoption, expectations, and what a good feedback loop and customer success plan looks like when adding new technology. If you take anything away from this chat, you don’t have to go all in – start small.

Episode 4: Creating a Digital Capacity Team with HTS Logistics

Moving towards a more digital way of communicating with carriers can be intimidating but being intentional that not every carrier communicates the same way can lead to better relationships, higher quality options, and more pre-bookings. In this episode, we’re joined by Scott Steele, Vice President and Head of Operations at HTS Logistics, to share their journey on what sparked their need to reevaluate their processes, pivot their outreach program objectives, and develop a dedicated digital capacity team.

Episode 3: Digital Freight Matching with Logistically

Digital freight matching isn’t just about matching carriers to book a load. Chris Arredondo is joined by Matt Wright with Logistically to chat about how the industry is advancing with automation and machine learning, why DFM is not for every brokerage, and what DFM looks like from a TMS perspective.

Episode 2: Load Boards vs Procurement with 3PL Systems

From load boards to capacity management tools to procurement – Chris Arredondo is joined by Jeremy Thone, Director of Marketing at 3PL Systems, to talk about the evolution of sourcing capacity. During this episode, you’ll learn why load boards are insufficient, the importance of prioritizing carrier relationships, and how integrations are helping brokerages improve scalability and streamline processes.

Episode 1: Rating Challenges with Tai Software

Welcome to our very first episode of Get Freight To It! Join your host, Chris Arredondo, Co-Founder and VP of Cargo Chief, and featured guest, Sean McGillicuddy, VP of Sales & Marketing at Tai Software as they weigh in on the ever-changing rating challenges of the supply chain. They’ll share insights into what freight brokers are experiencing, why finding data you trust is so important, and how to stay competitive in the market.