“C4 Enables Us to Cast a Wider Net to Expand Our Carrier Network more efficiently.”

“Cargo Chief gives us a new way to canvassing for carriers.”

John Ryan, Business Process & Systems Manager at VP Logistics


Capacity Expansion
More Carrier Engagement
More Carrier Options
Hours Saved Per Week Prebooking More Freight

Four ways C4 is…

Empowering brokers to book more freight with speed, precision, and centralized control.

1. Quickly see your best options

Through AI and machine learning, Cargo Chief identifies the best carriers for your lanes based on carrier capabilities and preferences. You’ll know when and what carrier you should be reaching out to today!

  1. Protect margins and profits with real-time pricing data

Pull rates with peace of mind knowing what you are quoting is based on real-time data that comes from live transactions when loads are booked (not averages).

  1. Expand your capacity when your in-network carriers don’t work out

Onboard new carriers seamlessly and automate your load offers to carriers that match both your in-network and out-of-network carriers.

  1. Never leave money on the table, again

Utilize our reporting and Customer Success team to see how well you’re buying, how likely a load will be covered, improve your load-to-carrier ratios, and uncover new lane opportunities.


Why 3PLs Add Cargo Chief To Their Tech Stack

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