Revolutionizing Carrier Engagement: Cargo Chief’s C4 Upgrades Revealed

Cargo Chief, a leading Carrier Procurement solution for freight brokers, is thrilled to announce three transformative features for its C4 platform at the upcoming TIA Technovations in San Diego, CA. These innovations represent a significant advancement in empowering carrier sales and operations teams to nurture deeper relationships with carriers and streamline the freight booking process.

Cargo Chief’s C4 Carrier Procurement Platform is already known for its ability to centralize carrier information, enabling logistics professionals to strategically expand and leverage their network efficiently. This platform enhances the visibility of open loads to the right carriers, resulting in elevated engagement and the reutilization of trusted carriers.

Now, let’s explore how we’re taking this platform to the next level with three groundbreaking features:

1. Project Waterfalls

Automated Waterfall Outreach

An extension of C4’s procurement solution called Projects, Project Waterfalls redefines your control over carrier communication. Leveraging your procured list of carriers within Projects, this feature allows you to strategically schedule outreach, prioritizing your preferred carriers for load offers. The automated capacity matching, driven by priority, not only enhances your workflow but also fosters stronger partnerships. Whether dealing with dedicated or spot freight, Projects streamlines the process and fuels carrier reuse, resulting in a seamless booking experience.

2. AI Applied Options:

AI Applied Options

Using AI to capture carrier offers changes how you manage carrier responses. AI Applied Options eliminates the back and forth between emails by instantaneously recognizing carrier responses to reduce the time it takes to process an offer. Streamlined right to your TMS, you can seamlessly manage email and data entry, going beyond the traditional form-filling approach to capture every option.

3. Integration:


C4 users can now bolster more confidence in their rating decisions with the addition of network rate prediction inside the platform. This integration, alongside C4’s real-time pricing engine, simplifies validation and target purchases by introducing an extra layer for dynamic pricing. It offers customized rating options, providing users with enhanced control and flexibility over their pricing decisions.

“These innovations reflect Cargo Chief’s dedication to enhancing the capabilities of freight brokers,”  said Russ Jones, CEO of Cargo Chief. “We remain focused on providing tools that boost efficiency for our customers that foster deeper relationships and engagement with their carriers partners.”

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