You Asked, We Answered: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Cargo Chief

As a revolutionary Capacity, Pricing, and Digital Freight Matching solution, Cargo Chief has been transforming logistics operations for third-party logistics companies for over five years. Below, we’ve addressed some frequently asked questions to help you grasp the platform’s capabilities and benefits better.

1. How does Cargo Chief reduce fraud and optimize carrier reuse?
Cargo Chief achieves a two-fold objective: First, we synchronize qualification criteria among relevant and consistent carriers, ensuring a secure network. Second, we actively promote carrier reuse, enabling you to conduct more business with reliable partners. By adopting this approach, we safeguard your operations against fraud while optimizing your carrier relationships for increased efficiency and trust.

2. How can I use Cargo Chief to expand my network?

With Cargo Chief, expanding your carrier network becomes effortless. By aggregating lane information from your carrier list, we create comprehensive carrier profiles, significantly broadening your carrier footprint.
Easily identify and partner with well-matched carriers for new or existing business with our Projects feature. With the click of a button, you can automatically reach our powerful network to build connections that would be challenging to achieve independently.

3. Where does our data come from?
Cargo Chief’s Pricing and Capacity data are derived from a robust combination of sources. These include real transactions from our users, integration with trusted TMS partners, and daily uploads, providing us with complete visibility into loads being booked.

By integrating Cargo Chief’s real-time data with your existing information, your team gains the confidence to make well-informed decisions, uncover valuable insights, and maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic industry. 

4. How does our pricing engine work?

Cargo Chief’s pricing engine operates with precision, offering a transparent view of actual live transactions by lane.

Eliminating guesswork, this valuable feature empowers you to provide accurate quotes to customers and engage carriers with real-time data, resulting in more informed and competitive decision-making.

5. What TMS’ do we integrate with?

Cargo Chief seamlessly integrates with Tai, McLeod Software, Logistically, Turvo, OmnisTMS, 3PL Systems, FMS, MercuryGate, and ShipPrimus.
This extensive network of integrations ensures that you can easily connect and leverage our solutions to streamline your logistics operations efficiently.

Is your TMS not listed? Let us know so we can work towards getting it added!

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