Cargo Chief Introduces Time-Saving Book Now Feature for McLeod Software Users, Streamlining Load Coverage

Cargo Chief, a leading capacity procurement and automation platform for freight brokers, announced the launch of its new Book Now feature that enables automated booking of loads via Cargo Chief’s C4 platform. With the Book Now feature, C4 provides even greater flexibility, empowering carrier representatives to streamline their booking workflow and reduce the time it takes to cover a load.

Currently available for McLeod Software customers, users who want all their carriers and loads to go through the Book Now flow can simply activate the Book Now option and let it rip. For those who want to control which loads or carriers go through the Book Now workflow, easy-to-use rules can be set up, and C4 will take care of the rest.

The C4 Book Now feature is the best of all worlds, as it allows users to get replies and offers from carriers that are not ready to automate booking while completely automating the booking process for those carriers and loads that are ready for it.

“Cargo Chief took a process that was already smooth and user-friendly, and refined it even more,” said Adam Schaefer, Director of Operations of Simple Logistics. “With the New Book Now feature, we are experiencing more loads booked at a faster rate each week, freeing up our team to work everything else logistics requires.”

Before the introduction of the Book Now feature, carrier offers would go into McLeod and the carrier sales rep would have to take action and negotiate. Now, when the carrier clicks on Book Now from the email, the carrier is automatically assigned to the load without any human intervention.

“C4’s Book Now feature is a game-changer for logistics management. We understand that our customers need flexibility and control when it comes to their booking workflow, and the Book Now feature delivers that in spades,” said Russ Jones, CEO of Cargo Chief. “We are proud to introduce this new feature to our McLeod Software joint customers, which will enhance the user experience and provide an efficient and streamlined process for our customers.”

With the new Book Now feature, Cargo Chief continues to provide innovative solutions to McLeod Software customers to automate their booking workflow and gain complete control over their logistics operations.

For more information on the new Book Now feature in C4, schedule a 15-minute discovery call with Cargo Chief’s Co-Founder & VP of Customer Success, Chris Arredondo.

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